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Take Control of Your Money


if you are not in debt of some kind, you’re unusual. For most Americans today, debt is a part of life, Using a credit card, borrowing for college, applying for a mortgage to buy a house. Taking on debts such as these may well be the first experience many of us have with a financial institution. All the more reason to understand and master the do’s and don’t of debt. Until you know how to manage debt, it’s almost impossible to save, invest, or build an intimate financial relationship with a life partner. Until your debt is in control and part of your life plan, you will not achieve financial freedom.


On the following articles, we will tackle most questions that are usually asked when it comes to

Financial Freedom

Preparing for the Unexpected

Once we have looked within and changed our way of thinking about money, another problem emerges – confusion. Many of us are confused about where to turn for information that we can really rely on. Confused about whom to ask for financial advise, and maybe even about what questions to ask.