Comparing the Best 3 car Insurance Companies in the US

The point we are trying to emphasize here is that no matter who you are, no matter what country you are living in and how small or big your vehicle is, getting it insured can save you the amount of money that you cannot even think about. We aren’t talking about saving a hundred-dollar bill here, in fact, we are talking about thousands of dollars that you know mean a lot to you.

Speaking of car insurance policies, today we are here with 3 of the best ones in the US. There are hundreds of insurance companies in the US and it can be difficult to choose one out of them which is why we are here to save you from all the hassle and trouble. Here are those 3 best insurance companies in the US that are a must-consider for anyone who is looking for a quality, affordable car insurance policy.

The Hartford: Best Policy Options

The Hartford is the 11th largest insurer of the world but it still packs quite a lot of punch. The packages offered by The Hartford are what make it a worthy company and the best part is that you get to customize your plans as per your needs. You get to enjoy some amazing useful policy benefits with this company.

For example, if you are a frequent traveler, you are going to love how this company provides roadside assistance and towing plans. There’s this mechanical breakdown coverage offered by The Hartford and this coverage will take care of all the cost of repairs for you that usually aren’t covered in a car’s warranty.


If you are from the USA, you’ve probably already heard about USAA because when it comes to insurance policies, this company has always been the talk of the town for the packages it offers. The best part about this company is that you can file easy claims without any hassle and then there’s this service in which you get frequent updates on the claim that has been filed by you.

The only issue with this insurance company is that it offers insurance only to those who belong to the military or are veterans. In a nutshell, if you aren’t related to any military official or if you aren’t a veteran, you won’t be able to use the services and packages offered by USAA.

State Farm

According to a survey of people using State Farm insurance policy, this company is so far the best one they’ve seen in the US. This insurer makes it very easy for people to file claims, which is the main reason why they want to renew their policies. The only issue with State Farm is that you might not get frequent status updates on the claim process filed by you.

But if we consider the overall value of this insurer, it’s pretty good. Another reason to try State Farm is that their insurance policies are one of a kind and they cover almost all the damage and loss for the people who buy their coverages. Especially if you are looking forward to buying a car insurance, we’d recommend you to go with State Farm as it’s just the best.


Final Thoughts

These are the three best car insurance companies in the US. If you are based in the UAE or looking to travel there, you can get your car insured with PitStopArabia. Despite being relatively new in this field, this company has quickly made a name for itself. It can easily help you with your car insurance in the UAE.