Best Way to Get Nicotine Out of your System for a Life Insurance Policy

Most of us have been there. We wanted to get a life insurance policy but are constantly declined by the insurance company because we smoke. 

As a smoker myself, I really wanted that insurance policy for me so my family would feel much secured if ever I hit the bucket.

Getting Life Insurance for a Smoker is a RED FLAG to Life Insurance Companies and is considered to be a high-risk case. We have seen a lot of people that simply gave up due to the constant issues in getting their life insurance policy.

It took me a while to get that life insurance plan and a lot of changes in lifestyle that goes with it. Read on how I was able to conquer my Nicotine Addiction and finally got the Life Insurance Plan.

Steps to Get Nicotine out of your system for a Life Insurance Policy

Look for an Alternative

This might sound unrealistic for some but this is the best way to gradually remove your addiction to Nicotine or from Smoking.

When I got that declined letter from my application for a life insurance plan in my mailbox. The first thing I did was to contemplate and think about what I can do to change that. I turned to Vaping.

Though some would say that Vaping is still harmful to the body. Vape is currently being studied extensively in the UK and giving out much better results compared to the old burning of cigarettes and Tobacco.

I got my first Vape product from a local store and was glad that I was able to find something that suited my taste and addiction to Nicotine.

Be prepared though that some Vape equipments are pricey but if there are a lot of options to choose from.

Gradually Decrease Nicotine Addiction 

As a heavy smoker, I always look for that “Hit” that I always get from smoking cigarettes and cigars. That was my main criteria when I started looking for an alternative to smoking.

The good thing with the Vaping industry is they are geared towards removing your urge for smoking. Nicotine Strength for their juices or liquids ranges from 0mg up to 50mg. Others still add more since it is readily available in the shop.

Start from the highest Nicotine strength that you can take going down. This will greatly help you in gradually lowering the Nicotine in your system.

Opt for a Healthier Lifestyle

This would be the real changer to get that approval for that Life Insurance Policy. 

Aside from the gradual decrease of Nictone on your system. You will need to change your lifestyle to a much healthier way. Diet and Exercise will play a big role on this.

I personally haven’t exercised much specially when my kid came out. I had that “Dad Bod” as they call it. 

Simple walk every day for 30 mins will really help you lose those pounds and at the same time get you nearer to your goal.

Get your Life Insurance Plan

It took me an entire year starting from getting that decline letter from my life insurance application to applying again.

I still do my Vape but I only do 0mg for the Nicotine Strength. I hoping that eventually, I’ll be out of this habit for a much healthier lifestyle.

Who says you can’t get life insurance for Smokers? We know you can! You just need to adjust your lifestyle to a much healthier one.