Planning for your future

The Best Home Insurance Policy

Finding the best home insurance policy is our priority once we bought our first house. A home is one of life’s most significant purchase. It is the place where you live. It is also an investment that can bring you happiness and security to you and your family. Being a homeowner is a big step towards your financial freedom.

Many homes are bought and sold each year. Unfortunately, many buyers and sellers are unaware of the important things to consider during the process. Often, we allow banks, realtors, and brokers make the decision for us. PROPERTY INSURANCE 

There are many things to consider when buying your home.

  • Figuring out what house you can truly afford
  • The type of mortgage
  • Factors that may affect the value
  • How to keep your Title
  • And, How to measure Tax Benefits

Buy or Rent?

Owning a home was always better than renting. Largely because mortgage payment was often equal to or smaller than the rent you are paying. Now, our culture has become far more mobile.

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